Development of production and services based on the utilisation of domestic resource of Velka Domasa

Table of contents

1. Basic Information

1.1 Location
1.2 Characterization
1.3 Basic details

2. Objectives

2.1 Overall Objective(s)
2.2 Project purpose
2.3 Rules of development

3. Description

3.1 Background
3.2 Linked activities
3.3 Results
3.4 Activities

4. Environment
5. Rates of return
6. Holiday resorts

6.1 Holiday resort Polany
6.2 Holiday resort Eva
6.3 Holiday resort Dobrá
6.4 Holiday resort Valkov

7. Attractions

1. Basic Information

1.1 Location: Slovak Republic, Region Slovakia – East, Presov Region. The Project area extends over two districts: Stropkov and Vranov nad Toplou

1.2 Characterization:
Domasa is a dam situated in the mountain surroundings of The Low Beskyds, in the north of the town Vranov nad Toplou. The river Ondava waters Domasa. The dam was built in 1962-1966. In the summer is average temperature 20 °C. The water is clean, from green to green-blue. It is a good place especially for water sports as (swimming, surfing, yachting, skiing, cycling, water skiing), as well as fishing. About 23 species of fish live there. In the summer you can find here water scooters, on the Monika go-kart. You can play tennis on many tennis courts. Every summer is Domaša full of tourists. On Monika and Eva are perfect beaches with full services (WC, playgrounds, parking places, volleyball courts, lifeguards...).

1.3 Basic details
• Water area: 1422 Hectare
• Length: 14 km
• Deepest point: 25 m
• Max. Width: 4 km
• Volume: 187,5 mil. Cubic metre
• 156 m above the sea level

2. Objectives

2.1 Overall Objective(s)
• Creation of conditions for sustainable development of the tourism sector in the Presov region
• Reduction of unemployment/social disparities in districts Vranov nad Toplou and Stropkov

2.2 Project purpose
Creation of conditions for stabilisation and further growth of tourism in Velka Domasa and districts of Vranov nad Toplou, Stropkov and nearest region.

2.3 Rules of development
One of accredit rules in regulation regional development of Slovak Republic (Resolution of Slovak government no. 985/92) is to co-ordinate relationships in individual activities and regions in theirs individual hierarchical levels, to create concord in ecological, economical, social, technical and cultural needs and create pleasant environment.
In new political and economical conditions of Slovak Republic are basically another strategically requirements for functional and steric schematism. Reflection of disequilibrium into social and economical factors, environment and demographic potential are diametrically various properties of use the areas with economical potential. These tendency is incoming in the region of Velka Domasa dam. Velka Domasa have many functions, of course recreational function and since 1975 have been done number of researches, to use water dam Velka Domasa for water reservoir. Questions of recreation and possibilities of use for reservoir are also controversially properties and need relevant solution.
For these possibilities of use, we need to assign clean water in water dam and all river basins. This proceeding is different in range, time and also finance.

3. Description

3.1 Background
The Presov region is situated in the Northern part of Eastern Slovakia. It borders with Poland in the North and with Ukraine in the East. The nature is particulary pleasant with hills, forests and rivers. This scarcely populated region is appreciated for recreational and tourism activities.
From the social and economic point of view, the territory is one of the less advanced in Slovakia. Under-capitalisation, obsolete production plants and technologies and lack of investment capital are the common features for most economical activities in the region. The current unemployment rate is approximately 28%.
The dam Velka Domasa has been originally designed as a multi-purpose dam intended for industrial water supply, recreation, power generation and flood protection. The morphology, uneven terrain, relatively favourable climatic conditions and water cleanness create exceptionally good conditions for recreation, fishing and water sports.
The water dam Velka Domasa belongs to the Ondava river basin. In this area live 35.000 inhabitants in 99 settlements. The main sources of pollution of the water in Velka Domasa dam are non-adequate wastewater treatment and land erosion caused by current agriculture and forestry practices. Only 8 of the 99 settlements have public sewer system (about 10.000 inhabitants).
In terms of possibilities of economic and social revival of the region, tourism has the highest development potential, connected with the water dam Velka Domasa.
Till the early ´90s Velka Domasa, one of the principal recreation areas in Slovakia, was visited by 600 000 to 750 000 tourists a year, almost exclusively in the summer season. Removal of restriction on free travelling after 1989, demographic changes and bad management of small recreational facilities led to a drop in the numbers of visitors by almost one half, to 400 000. Also the spending capacity of tourists decreased and their demand for services changed. This resulted also in the decline of services ad well as the existing tourism infrastructure. Nowadays, tourists visit this area during the summer season seeking the unspoilt nature and of rural tourism.

Around the dam Velka Domasa there were built 8 holiday resorts, which have a total visitor attendance 25 000 max. 37 000 persons per day. There are:
• Polany (23 ha), capacity 6 000 p. per day
• Holcikovce – Eva (17,2 ha), capacity 7 800 p. per day
• Fishing camp (3,0 ha)
• Nova Kelca (26,8 ha), capacity 3 000 p. per day
• Peninsula Kelca (1 ha), auto camping capacity 200 p. per day
• Youths camp (10 ha), capacity 900 p. per day
• Dobra (32,7 ha), capacity 1 500 p. per day
• Valkov (28 ha), capacity 6000 p. per day

The tourism infrastructure of the area is not adequate. A first step to develop the area will be to build the missing infrastructure in the Velka Domasa area. The first priority, that conditions the success, is the quality of the water in the reservoir. The main tasks consist in the elimination of the most important sources of water contamination in the basin.

3.2 Linked activities
Preparation of an application for assistance in preparing a Tourism Master Plan, a Tourism Market Analysis, a Marketing and Promotion action (Phare SR980804).

3.3 Results
The water quality in the water dam will steadily meet the national as well as EC criteria, including the Council Directive 76/160/EEC of 8th December 1975 on the quality of water for swimming. The transport inside the locality Velka Domasa will be improved resulting in higher transport safety. The tourist will get appropriate information on existing possibilities for recreational and leisure activities resulting in the better use of the existing tourism facilities.

• Sewerage system and waste water treatment in the area improved
• The localities dedicated to tourism accessible by suitable roads and parking facilities created
• Information services to tourists in Velka Domasa locality and tourist facilities developed

3.4 Activities
To achieve the above-mentioned results four main activities are foreseen here:
1) Construction of the system for the waste water collection and treatment
2) Improvement of transport infrastructure
3) Creation of general tourism services
4) Project supervision and co-ordination

4. Environment
The ministry of Environment started the declaratory process on assessing the impact of the project on the environment in line with the act 127/94. The Environmental Impact Assessment has not been produced yet, and, most likely, it will not be required from the Ministry of Environment. In the unlikely case it would be necessary to obtain the overall EIA, the procedure has already been initiated.
It is important to mention that an EIA concerning the possibilities of using the water basin Domasa for water management purposes for drinking was produced and submittes to the Ministry of Environment in 1996. Domasa has been assessed as one of the alternatives of the construction of water reservoir Tichy potok. However the latter option has been rejected.
Realisation of the proposed activities will lead to reducing the pollutant load in the water dam, as shown in the following table:

Reduction by t/year t/year t/year
Stropkov 61,9 69,5 0,01
Stropkov Sitniky 4,9 0,9 0,04
Bzany 2,2 0,4 0,09
Lomne 4,4 0,8 0,18
Turany 5,9 1,1 0,25
Nova Kelca 0,86 0,16 0,03
RC Nova Kelca 5,4 1,1 0,21
TOTAL 85,56 73,96 0,81
BOD – biological oxygen demand, N – nitrogen, P – phosphor

The rehabilitation and construction of roads will reduce harmful effects of the traffic on the ground, water and atmosphere (leaks of fuel and lubricants, fumes). The proposed parking lots will have their own system of rainwater absorption and treatment, eliminating the underground and surface water pollution caused by uncontrolled parking along the roads and in grassy areas nearby the water basin.

5. Rates of return
The project must be evaluated according to the economic Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and the Economic Benefit-Cost Ratio (B/C). These ratios have been calculated for period of 20 years considering the investment cost covered by the municipalities and EU monetary funds and including operation/maintenance and depreciation costs are the following:

Financial IRR: -2%
Financial NPV (5%): -0,419 MEUR
Economic B/C: 2

Criteria completed on April 30, 2003

6. Holiday resorts

6.1 POLANY (Monika)
Resort Monika offers you many forms of relax. Sunbathing on beach with sunshades, swimming, wather sports, wonderful nature ... Fun offers you restaurant and bar Koliba.

Restaurant KOLIBA
It is very nice restaurant with original Slovak foods.
In underground is big DISCO bar, with disco in every night.
On Saturday there are „Hot nights on Koliba“ with famous
bands and singers.

Open all year. 2,3,4-bed rooms,
TV, billiards... It’s near Koliba.
The beach is only 30 meters from
Hotel. Capacity: 22 beds

Restaurant ATLANTIC
Restaurant offers you a lot of food.
Capacity: 50 chairs, terrace for 100 visitors

Resort Eva (Holčíkovce) offers you many forms of relax. Sunbathing on beach, swimming, wather sports, wonderful nature ... We can devide these resort on three parts: Kemp (camping...), Eva centrum (beach...), Zajačia debra (tennis, bay ...). In Kempe you can find SAW (Slovak association of windsurfing) ... There is a camp, public chalet site, rental service of sport equipment, car park, and boathouse with a port. Auto camp - Capacity: 80 places

Restaurant EVA
Restaurant Eva offers you a lot of tasty food.
You can play billiard, table football (every week
there are football tournament).
Capacity: 50 chairs

Hotel Zatoka
Open all year. 2,3-bed rooms,
TV, billiards, bar, table tennis ...
The private hotel beach is only
30 meters from hotel.

6.3 Dobrá (Dobranská zátoka)
Resort Dobrá is situated on west bank of Domaša, 25 km from town Vranov nad Topľou. Avarage seehigh is 156m; temperature in summer months is between 22 - 30 °C for good swimming in clear wather. In Dobras bay is situated tourist resort, here you can find a number of hotels, bungalows...

6.4 Valkov
Resort Valkov offers you many forms of relax. Sunbathing on beach with roller coaster, rental of wather bicycles, windsurfing school and more... You can find here many hotels like Tatra…

7. Attractions
Trips to the Slanské vrchy Mountain Range - educational guided walk to the state nature reserves (there are 7 of them), to the protected nature forms and technical monuments. Here are some of them:
• The Valley of Giants
• Cut of Stravný Potok Brook (wild canyon with a cave)
• Former mines - Dubník Mines, in which semiprecious stone opal was mined (visitors can find their own real opal ) and Zlatá Bana (Golden Mine), where golden ore was mined
• Geyser in Herlany - it is an artesian well, where from the depth of 405 m a powerful jet of cold mineral water gushes forth to a height of 30 m at intervals of 33-34 hours
• The Virgin Forest on Šimonka, the highest point of the Slanské Vrchy Mountain Range, it is the oldest state nature reserve in the Slanské Vrchy.
• Mineral springs in the village Pavlovce (5 ferrous-carbonic springs).
• Basic Training of Mountaineering in Andesite Rocks - the Valley of Giants, Rebel Castle, Parjakova Rocks, Black Mountain, Black Rock of 92 m.
• Tramping - adventurous touring in the most romantic places of the Slanské Vrchy stressed on knowing the tramps habits, rituals and music.
• Basic Training in Horse riding
• Tourism on Horses - during the stay the visitor is looking after the horses (caring, feeding, grazing).
• Visit and stay in Country Pub in Golden Mine - in the past there was the centre of golden ore mining, now there is a technical museum.
• The whole day staying in the shepherd’s cottage - a visitor takes care of sheep, in the evening there is a reward in supper and a lump of cheese for him from the chief shepherd.
• Visit to the Salty Mines - walking tour from the village Pavlovce to the biggest mining place in Solivar.
• Beautiful cyclotourism in the Slanské Vrchy Mountain Range - all visitors will be satisfied by many kilometres of roads and paths. One of the most favourite destination is Golden Well, where trouts live.
• Swimming in natural swimming pools
• Riding in historical carriage in the mountains